Saturday, December 11, 2010

Good Posture is Essential

I have noticed that with the fibro I have started to slouch and get lazy. I have tried to be more aware and catch myself, try to sit up straighter and improve my posture. As bad posture can affect so much i the body and create terrible misalignment and subsequently pains. I think my recent return to yoga and also working with a postural alignment massage therapist, as well as me just being more aware and sitting up straighter, has helped a lot. I found this good (short) article on posture:

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  1. I have been suffering from lower back pain that is caused by having a straight pelvis and from poor posture. My chiropractor introduced me to the posture shirt along with stretches and exercise. Anyways he told me to go to to buy a posture shirt. The guys were sweet and gave me $20 off when I called in for their daily discount. Since wearing the shirt, my golf game has improved along with my physical stamina. I recommend the posture shirt for help with improving your posture and also alleviating your back pain.