Friday, August 6, 2010

Oprah, Dr. Oz and Fibromyalgia!

Its great to see fibromyalgia get this much attention and priority, and it is interesting (and refreshing) that it does not focus on prescription drugs as the main and "simple" solution!

Oprah Winfrey included a discussion on fibromyalgia in her newsletter today. It's wonderful when celebrities give a stage to this topic and Oprah does us all a great service when she helps to inform her audience on this illness.

Her newsletter also included the first article Dr. Oz wrote for O MAGAZINE. In the article, Dr. Oz opens the discussion with four different approaches to fibromyalgia treatment. This is now in their "Best of Dr. Oz" collection. Doors are opening...;-)

1. Western Medicine Approach
2. Energy-Based Approach
3. Psychological Approach
4. Nutrition-Based Approach  (reference to


  1. Hi there!

    I've recently been diagnosed with Fibro and someone mentioned your blog for me to read. Thanks for this link!

    I'm doing a lot of reading into Fibro so this is a good start.

  2. Welcome to my site! I have found alot of info on fibro, and alternative treatments, I hope you find it helpful in your fibro journey. Love your blog name, Forgetul Girl, I can so relate! While I have found things that help my pain and fatigue, I have yet to find anything to help with my terrible forgetfulness and fibrofog! Grrr!!

    I saw on your blog that you recently enjoyed a steam room - so jealous! I think my body would so loooove that and it would help the pains! I've been looking for a gym or a new apartment complex that offers some type of steam room, sauna or hot tub that I could use everyday!

    My hands often hurt too, but I have found that dipping them in hot paraffin wax helps a lot. (I found an inexpensive home kit at Bed, Bath & Beyond, @$35) Helps with my feet pains too!