Friday, November 25, 2011

Lecture Review - Virasyl for Fibro & CFS

I attended a lecture today entitled "Fatigue, Pain & Chronic Conditions" at Tunies Natural Grocery in Coral Springs, FL. I will be honest, I went into it not expecting much, as I have already done so much of my own research into fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, and since this was connected to a natural grocery store/nutritionist I figured it would be a pretty generic lecture on how to eat better and a prescription of a list of which supplements to take. My pain and suffering of the past 2 years has spurred my initiatives to look into ANY kind of help, so since I got out of work early I thought I'd stop by this lecture.

In speaking with the presenter, Pam Ross (certified Physician's Assistant), before the lecture, during and after, I was astounded. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING hit home with me. When she was talking about "Mrs. Jones came to our clinic with X, Y and Z symptoms" I wanted to suggest that she was not talking about Mrs. Jones, but was actually talking about me, outlining my life! When another attendee mentioned having such foot pain that she feels like she is walking on glass, I wanted to shout out ME TOO! I have never been in a room of people like this that I could relate to SO much. And all of my research that I have done over the past 2 years came up in the lecture, as a nice assurance that I am on the right track here, and Pam is too.

Pam has done her research on fibro, cfs and how viruses may trigger these, and start much more of a chain reaction (IBS, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, migraines, skin rashes etc.) in our body. I was very glad that the focus of the lecture was NOT on selling the product. It was really a great informational lecture on fibro, cfs, chronic pain, nerve damage and their related research. She did present and discuss the product that she has developed, Virasyl. It is a very simple compound of Humic Acid and Shilajit, with nothing else added, which, if you are familiar with supplements, this is nice! So many have so much extra gunk added unecessarily. I will let you read more the Virasyl at her website, which also has the info covered in her lecture, about the virus connection. PLEASE do so, as she has much more of the medical background and info than I do, and I could never paraphrase her findings and research, and I could never explain it as well as she does. But it all MAKES SENSE to me, so it give me HOPE!

She also handed out some info on a protocol to follow (simple, 1 page), in addition to the daily supplements of Virasyl. I was delighted to discover that I am already following about 85% of the "Fibrobusters" protocol (another affirmation that my research has lead me in the right direction, and Pam too!)

I did purchase a bottle/1 months supply and am going to try it. It is all natural and does not interact with anything, so its all natural and worth a try!I will definitly follow up with my results!


  1. Hi! I have purchased the Virasyl and have been taking it for 2 weeks. Can't really tell if it is helping. Can you tell me if it has worked for you?

  2. It did not work for me, I was very optimistic and took it for 2 months but did not notice a difference :/ Please do let me know if you see a difference! Ia m hopeful for you!

  3. Wanted to check in and see if you saw any results from the Virasyl. I'm not seeing anything much online about it other than on their website. Your blog was the only 'review' that I came across other than on Amazon where the reviews were for using the product for general anti-viral. As far as I know there is no evidence that Fibro has a viral component (CFS, yes, but not Fibro).

  4. I tried it and did not see or feel a difference in taking it :( I was hopeful and tried it but it really did not seem to work for me unfortunately.