Monday, August 5, 2013

Prescription Drugs and Fibromyalgia

I don't like taking prescription drugs for my fibro. With the crumbling state the healthcare system these days I don't want to find myself heavily dependent on it for my fibro treatment. One day insurance covers a treatment, the next day they don't, or the price skyrockets, etc. Who knows what the future of the US healthcare system holds. If I can find a holistic, alternative medicine I will go that route as those treatments are generally more readily available, and usually more cost effective as well.

I do however follow the studies and recommendation of prescription drugs for fibro, as it gives us some insight into the research and developments on what causes fibro and how they are treating it.

Its crazy confusing for me (thanks fibro fog) to read some of the super scientific writings but I feel like they are onto something, I feel like we are so close to answers! It give me hope that they keep researching and trying to find better solutions for treatments.

If it turns our one day that I do need to take a prescription medicine to best treat my fibro then I will go that route, but for now I will sit back and wait for more conclusive evidence. I will continue to cheer on the doctors and scientists in their continuing efforts towards finding a cause and better treatments!

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