Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Food Shopping & Saving at Vitacost!

I learned early on in the fibro diagnosis that I did not want to go the prescription route and wanted to stay as all natural as I could, and started down the path of vitamins and supplements. I found an excellent online resource - vitacost.com - and they have started to also offer excellent food products that fit into my healthy eating (gluten free) and my budget! I am so glad specialized food products are becoming more mainstream and affordable. Here are some of my favorites to order and keep on hand:

TULSI TUMMY - Tea for soothing digestive support -- all the Tulsi teas are excellent tasting and healing, this one is a great alternative to coffee in the morning

ANNIE'S HOMEGROWN MICROWAVABLE GLUTEN FREE MAC N CHEESE -- whats not to love, gluten free mac n cheese!!

MARY'S GONE CRACKERS -- Organic gluten free crackers

NATURE'S EARTHLY CHOICE FALAFEL WITH QUINOA -- Original Recipe (I gotta try the garlic flavor next!), cooks in minutes, lots of protein

PERKY'S CRUNCHY FLAX -- free of the 8 common allergens, great as cereal or on top of yogurt, gotta love the fiber :)


At these prices you can load up your cart and try a variety of different foods. Free shipping over $50, and unlike Whole Foods, sometimes I find it hard to get to that $50 mark, and when I do I have SO many items for my money! And how great, shopping from my couch, shipped right to my door :)

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