Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top Five Tips When Facing Fibromyalgia

My Top 5 pieces of advice for helping tackle fibro, for the newly diagnosed as well as the chronic sufferers:

(I know, these sound very simplistic, but these are what gets me through and are the BIGGEST factors in helping me!)

1. 2 Books: FibroWhyalgia & How To Be Sick -- they helped me get mental clarity, calmness and strength to tackle the fibro (amazon.com)

2.  www.chronicbabe.com - check out the forums, this is the BEST place for constant doses of positivity and support and advice from others with similar issues!

3. Yoga &/or Massage! The gentle stretching is AMAZING for my body, and helps me sleep. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise that really, really helps with my fibro if I keep up with it (twice a week); I also get a massage 1-2 times a month, it has similar effects as yoga, muscle stretching and relaxing, cleansing and revitalizing.

4. Write a Letter for close Friends & Family - Here is a link to one I wrote when I was diagnosed. I sent it to close F&F, I felt like it helped explain things that are complicated to explain, and I wanted them to know what I was going through and that I really needed their support, and this told them exactly what they could do to help me. Please feel free to copy this and make it your own! http://adayinthelifeoffibro.blogspot.com/p/my-letter.html

5. Supplements & Fresh Foods - look into some that can help - Magnesium, Ginger... many others. They take longer to start to work, but are all natural, and have no side effects, and most are available at your local drugstore inexpensive! Keep to all healthy - eating too! No chemicals or additives - fresh fruits, veggies etc!

BONUS: Aim for a balanced life!

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