Tuesday, August 14, 2012

55 Responses to "But You Look So Good"

This is GREAT!! I love it. I do get this a lot, "but you look so good" and I am always stumped at what to say so I just smile and move on, irritated. Even though I don't look sick, I still am sick and suffer! In an effort to try and live a semi-normal life unfortunately I engage in masking my symptoms, pains, illnesses, trying to remain positive and have a good outlook. I hide it from most everyone, no one knows what I go through on a daily basis. Some of these are gentle reminders for when people think I "look good" and might be "cured."


My 3 favorite are:

- Thanks I wish I felt better
- I'm very good at pretending
- Goo becasue if I looked like I feel I'd scare you to death

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