Monday, September 1, 2014

One of the Biggest Migraine Mistakes

I have suffered from migraines now for over 20 years. I guess I was somewhat lucky in that my Mother is a nurse and "in the industry" so she knew that for migraines you see a specialist, and that specialist is a neurologist. (Ok it probably also helped that she herself suffers from migraines.)

But one of the biggest mistakes I feel that I see these days when I meet people who are suffering from migraines is that they are not going to a specialist for treatment. I understand that it can be scary, and it can be frustrating. I know, I have been there. But after 20 years I feel I have got it under control, and made friends with migraines, and I have found a migraine doctor that I truly LOVE. He even understands and respects my wanting to balance out the complementary treatment aspect - so we don't do heavy medications, we try all-natural and only use the meds when necessary.

A general practitioner, or a gynocologist, or any other doctor who is trying to treat your migraines is not the right fit, seek out a neurologist to treat your migraines. They will be in the know on the latest news and information, studies, medicines, treatments etc. They will know the rights tests to run - MRI's etc. (these can be scary too, but TRUST them, they know what they are doing, they are the EXPERTS!) Migraines are their industry. Its ok to go to several neuro's until you find the right fit, its important because you want the right relationship - its your health! Migraines can be debilitating and you want someone who can help you and understand you.

Some of the natural treatments I use are magneisum for migraines, and avoiding trigger foods (which seems to change for me throughout my life.) Some of my own personal trigger foods are: citrus, red wine, dark chocolate, vinegar, soy (which is in peanut butter FYI, except the NATURAL kind). But everyone's trigger foods can vary. Search the internet, you will find more lists.

Other migraine triggers include the weather - a change in barometric pressure - have you noticed more migraines when it rains? Not much you can do about this, but some people but marine barometers to help track weather so they can predict when to expect a migraine:

Other triggers may be monthly hormones :/ Which is why many women end up being treated for their migraines by a gynocologist. But the gyno and neuro should work together. There are many complementary treatments.

I also have one triptan med on hand for when I do get a migraine, I can take it and be migraine free within 2 hours. I would love to find something all-natural that can do that for me, but have yet to find, so for now, this med will help me there! And I do take a small dose of a preventative med everynight that has helped keep my migraines at bay.

Its been a process, like I said over 20 years, but I have built a relationship with my neurologist and it works. I hope you can find a good neurologist and relief from your migraines as well.

Please share your experiences.

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