Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fibro-Friendly Kitchen and Pantry

I think I've finally reached the point of having a semi-decent healthy kitchen that I can work with. When first diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I started looking into how eating better would help with the fibro symptoms I was overwhelmed by all the changes needed. I understood the changes, they made sense, but to wake up one day and have such a sudden change in lifestyle was a hard change to adjust to, and hard to accomplish. But little by little, over the years, I've learned to make the changes, I now eat gluten free bread, and keep an extra loaf frozen in the freezer. I've found affordable, gluten free cracker alternatives to keep on hand. I've found fruits and vegetables to keep on hand that I know I snack on. I have a good stash of canned items just in case (diced tomatoes, beans, tuna - some good basics with few ingredients/additives) all my flours for baking are gluten free, as are my bread crumbs. My milk is almond milk (try it! I was skeptical at first, but  really like it, and it lasts much longer than regular milk!)

I have learned to shop more on the outer perimeters of the grocery store (fresh foods: produce, dairy, meats) and less on the inner aisles - processed boxed foods. So I finally feel I have a good basis in my kitchen for whipping up some healthy fibro friendly meals and snacks. It helps to have this basis as I often forget (thanks fibro fog!) what I have in the pantry, so to be able to open it and see healthy choices to work with is great.

I've also learned some quick and easy recipes to whip up, quick and easy go to recipes. When I get home from work I am hungry and tired so I need quick, easy and healthy!

I am not perfect, fatigue often gets the best of me, I do have some processed boxed foods, but I have found ones that work better for me (than say driving through Wendy's or McDonald's!) - the Near East Quinoa/Brown Rice is always an excellent go to and I have plenty of leftovers for future meals. I often toss in some shrimp for protein and extra flavor.

Here are some great resources for working towards your fibro friendly kitchen and pantry:

Captain Mike's Fibro Kitchen Blog:

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