Thursday, October 31, 2013

Eat Your Greens for Fibro!

Yes - Sue Ingebretson, she has it right - eat your greens for health!

I do believe that the better I eat - the better I feel - and the healthier I am, despite the fibromyalgia! I notice a distinct difference in how I feel when I eat healthy (fruits, veggies) and not so healthy (skittles, cookies). Yes, I allow myself cheats, cake, sugar, come on a Florida girl needs her Key Lime pie! But each time I veer from the healthy eats I know what I am in for and I feel the veer and know that eating back on track will again make me feel just that much healthier and better :) It has been a long process, but slowly and surely I have made strides over time (5 years+) to a better lifestyle and diet. In the long run yes it does make a difference, in how I feel, how I look and how I am able to tackle my fibro everyday. Read Sue's 6 Reason's To Eat Your Leafy Greens:

Like Sue's article? You should check out her awesome book, FibroWHYalgia! One of the best and my favorites that I've read on fibromyalgia:

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