Saturday, November 2, 2013

Housekeeping and Fibromyalgia

Yes! Household "chores" drive me nuts, I live by myself and trying to maintain it all and my sanity it a chore in itself! I struggled for the longest time in trying to find the right balance, as I would not have the energy and would let things go, then the clutter would get to me... So now I've learned that little efforts can add up and make a difference, if I can try and tackle one or two things that is better than nothing. I've learned to pace myself. Most people probably do not schedule time in their day to do dishes or fold laundry the way I do, I look at it as a big, daunting, energy draining chore. But I do it. One or two a day, and things seem to work out. And sometimes something as simple as "resting" and getting up during commercials to do something during that time seems to help. (Take out the trash) Simple tasks. I used to come home and try to do everything at once and then sit down and rest for the evening. Now I treat myself right first - come home and rest, then tackle one chore. Rest, then another if able. Etc. The key to my day is rest as much as I need, when I need, even for 10 minutes, sit and chill for a few, put my feet up, take a breather, pace myself. I have tried to find as many things to help me out around the house - a laundry bag cart on wheels with 4 removable bags - this way I presort laundry as I fill them! And I can grab and go each load as needed. I treated myself to the neat-o (its like a roomba) floor cleaner. This is a HUGE deal in my life! I can schedule it to clean when I am out of the house! I pick up a few chairs, rugs, shoes and things it bumps around and away it goes sweeping and cleaning my floors! Once or twice a week away he goes (yes I even gave it a name, he, "Freddy") and it is amazing the dirt and dust he picks up. SO glad to have invested in that! I always have an ongoing grocery list on my smartphone. Sometimes I stop at the store randomly, if I do I can check see what I need ad can quickly grab exactly what all I need. Whenever I run out of anything  (Shampoo, saran wrap, mayo, bread etc!) I add it quickly to the list on my phone. This really helps me stay organized, and FEEL organized and not forget anything!  This is a great article about pacing yourself, baby steps to organization and handling it all, even a move to a new place! You go girl!

Do you have any helpful household tips for fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue sufferers?

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