Friday, March 28, 2014

Adrenal Fatigue? - An Online Conference Opportunity!

April 7th - April 24th, 2014, an Online Conference covering the many many topics of Adrenal Fatigue. Sign up now to receive the videos for a limited time via email for free.

I have researched this topic a lot. One of the major life disturbances since my fibromyalgia diagnosis has been extreme fatigue. Is this chronic fatigue? Is it due to fatigued adrenals? One doctor I saw had the adrenal fatigue theory, and I did try to adjust my diet and lifestyle accordingly, and it did seem to help.

I signed up for this online adrenal conference. I am a big fan of Sue Ingebretson (April 16th's presenter!) and I am looking forward to learning everything listed on this website.

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