Friday, January 7, 2011

EXCELLENT Book on Natural Medicines!

I received this book from my sister-in-law and family for Christmas and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth: The Surprising Unbiased About What Treatments Work and Why, by Jonny Bowden

The title of the book says it all - it is honest and straight forward about using natural healing for the body, which is built to be extremely resilient. The introduction in the book is especially important to read.

I really like that it confirms my feelings that using alternative and all natural treatments does not have to be expensive, it eliminates horrible side effects (and in fact helps the body become more healthy all around) and that simple changes in lifestyle and diet can have HUGE impacts. Natural cures, while they do take time to work, they treat the whole body and no matter what you suffer from, or don't suffer from, you can always learn something about making a healthier you.

It does touch on fibromyalgia here and there, and in fact confirms some things I have already read and researched, so that too made me feel good about the direction I am heading. (Ribose, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Vitamin B, Sam-e, Magnesium, Reflexology)

But I am really enjoying the new things I am learning about, like all the benefits of apple cider vinegar (which for me can help with my acid reflux, but in addition has a lot of vitamins and minerals to also help my overall health at the same time!) and the benefits of Selenium, Cinnamon, and even Cranberry Juice.

Has anyone else come across this book?!

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