Tuesday, January 4, 2011

L-Lysine for Canker Sores - Follow Up

As promised in my December 5th post (http://adayinthelifeoffibro.blogspot.com/2010/12/l-lysine-for-canker-sores.html) I am following up with my continued successful results with L-Lysine!

I have not had any mouth sores or canker sores since Thanksgiving, and after having suffered a continuous onslaught of canker and mouth sores for over a year, to me this is such relief, and a miracle! I even indulged in some trigger foods over Christmas, but was able to double up on the Lysine in anticipation and never developed the sores like I did before.

I also think that adding the Lysine and Vitamin C has been just an overall good boost to my immune system, as some really nasty sickness has been going around at work and I am one of the few in my department who remain unscathed by this horrible flu-like illness.

My next true test will be when I visit the dentist in February, I plan on doubling up on the Lysine a few days before to see if it helps the burning mouth syndrome from coming on full force after the dentist knocks around in my mouth. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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