Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tunies Super Save Nutrition Store


I heard about this local nutrition store via word of mouth and wanted to check it out for myself, as I had heard it was comparable to Whole Foods but had much, much more reasonable prices. TO NOTE: After visiting their website I also noticed that you can place orders online for shipments throughout the U.S. and international.

I wandered through the aisles this evening and am highly impressed, the carry all the products and supplements that I order online and seek out at various stores, and at prices cheaper than I am currently paying! From my Ultra-Mag magnesium, to my Neem Gentle Shampoo and Neem Toothpaste. I had my eye on the peacekeeper nail polish and some organic lip gloss, for my next visit :)

Super friendly employees and very helpful. They carry not just a wide variety of supplements and vitamins but they have a good selection of foods, snacks, even sulfate free wines, and again all at very reasonable pricing.

Since I have developed so many chemical sensitivities I am super happy to have found this place which offers a huge variety of chemical-free and organic products for me to try.

I love it, it has opened my horizons even more! And I love that its a one-stop shop for me on so many things! Check them out!!


Tunies.com Super Save Nutrition Center
5651 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33076

(954) 510-0410 Phone
(954) 796-2218 Fax

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