Monday, July 12, 2010

Reduce Anxiety - Soothe with Water

Zen Buddhist monks have incorporated water features into their meditative garden for hundreds of years because of their soothing sounds. And studies have shown that listening to nature - particularly running water and waves - helps reduce anxiety. Feeling stressed? Place a tabletop fountain at your desk or bedside or download the sounds of the surf at

- from July/August 2010


  1. I have a CD with soothing sounds and water flowing in the background that helps me to relax.
    This is something that I wouldn't have thought of using until I was diagnosed with Fibro.

  2. Indeed, the sound of water is definitely soothing and healing. When my grandmother was in the hospital my Mom would record the sounds of a small creek in our backyard for her to listen to :)

  3. I prefer birdsong, personally. I've taken to learning the different bird sounds in my backyard. :)