Friday, April 29, 2011

Are You a Babe?!

ChronicBabe is now 1,000+ babes strong! Have you check out ChronicBabe?!

A snippet from the homepage:

"For Babes, who happen to have chronic illness...

If you're a sick chick in search of like-minded folks—the kind of people who are living well in spite of illness—you're in the right place! ChronicBabe offers hundreds of resources designed to help you keep on being a Babe, even with chronic illness. To get the most out of our site, sign up today for our free eNewsletter: Goodie Bag, and get dozens of tips delivered straight to you every other week. And when you sign up, you also get a free ebook, How to Be a ChronicBabe: A Beginner's Toolkit."

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