Sunday, May 16, 2010

FibroWHYalgia - I'm reading it!

I am about halfway through this book and can say without doubt it is EXCELLENT!!!! It really helps to read and be able to relate to another fibro sufferers battles and trials and discoveries. I really like the fact that even though a lot of what she is saying is common sense, she has put it altogether in a light and upbeat fashion, and has helped me affirm that simple lifestyle changes can have major effects on helping to overcome fibro. I have been very adament about not being pushed into taking a lot of heavy doses of prescription drugs, so reading her holistic methods has been very refreshing to me, A lot of what this author has written I have also discovered - that changing what I eat, reading nutrition labels, and really being aware of what I am putting into my body, can make a HUGE difference. In fact, I feel like the dietary part of the book could be extracted and published to be read by EVERYONE, as anyone would feel better by making these simple dietary changes. I am also even more inspired to get back into my yoga in some fashion. I know that there is no "cure" and we don't even know the "whys" of fibro yet, but seeing that it is possible to live a fairly normal life is truly inspiring and refreshing. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!!!! Get it today, you won't be sorry!!

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