Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleep and Fibromyalgia - "Alpha Delta Sleep"

(Is @ 30 minutes, WELL worth the listen!!)

Sleep plays a HUGE role in fibromyalgia.

The first studies on firbomyalgia involved looking at sleep patterns in fibro sufferers.

Fibromites' delta waves (deep sleep) has alpha wave (awakeness!) intrusion!

Deep sleep/delta waves is restorative, so without it you develop fatigue, chronic pain, cognitive problems and more (sound familiar?!)

Interestingly enough, most Fibromites actually list fatigue and non-restorative sleep as worse and more debilitating than the pain from FM!

So what came first, the pain or the sleep disturbance? Do we not sleep because of the pain, or do we have the pain because we don't sleep....

Clinical studies are currently been done on Xyrem ( which is a med currently being used for treatment of narcolepsy, but can be beneficial for helping fribromites treat their sleep problems. It is looking promising, so lets cross our fingers!

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