Monday, August 22, 2011

Great Site for tracking Chronic Illness

Super "Like" :

I can't stress how much I like this website. I found it pretty early on after my fibro diagnosis. It allows you to create an account and list your illness(es) and symptoms, and treatments, and rate everything, and chart everything, and pull together all the data for you to print for doctor appts! I login every once in a while to add new treatments, or report stoppage of certain treatments, and then at that time I also rate all my symptoms and how I am feeling (it gets very detailed) and then it charts it, so I can see over the year and half my struggles, and it color codes them, so my doctor can quickly glance and see too. Let me upload some screen shot from my profile, so you can see...

Here you can see my main symptoms, and how its really the fatigue that rules my day rather than pain, which is a minority; and it the small chart directly below it you can see my abilities latetly to function as a normal human being, not great:

Below is just a snipped of more detailed symptoms (they file an entire screen) green is non-existent, red is severe, and yellow is mild, oragne is moderate. very interesting I think, to look at visually, and to see how symptoms change over time:

And finally my list of treatments:

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