Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To Get Things Accomplished and Keep Sanity :)

Dealing with fibro is difficult.  Remembering things is difficult. Having the energy to get things done, is difficult. It's also all overwhelming. Trying to maintain and live a semi-normal life is a real struggle for me, on a daily basis.

Before fibro, I was the over-accomplished Type-A do more, go go go type person. I have had to cut back, give myself breaks, take on less. It drives me nuts, as I like to accomplish a lot, get  alot done, fit a lot into my days. But in order to keep fibro in check I have to reduce stress, and not overexert in any way. I have to maintain a normal sleeping and eating schedule, stick to it strictly (hard, very hard for me.)

So I have come up with a way to get things done and still maintain my sense of sanity and accomplishment. It may sound simple, and childish, and really silly, but it really helps me. The night before a weekend-day I choose the top 4 things I need to accomplish the next day.  I don't write them down, I challenge myself to remember them, all 4. (And I promise myself not to worry about anything else that needs to get done, I will add it to another days list.) I keep reminding myself of the list of 4, all evening/night, and the next morning :) At the end of the weekend-day I review, if I am able to accomplish all 4 I am super happy, even if I do 3 of the 4, I am still pretty delighted with myself. For weekdays I usually lessen the to dos, to 2 or 3 (and 1 of these to dos is always taken up by work, the ol 9-6 thing which exhausts me utterly making it difficult to do anything else.) These things can be big or small, from do the dishes, laundry, mail a package, to go to a friends dinner or party.

It helps me, I feel a sense of accomplishment and I feel good about remembering :)

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