Tuesday, April 6, 2010

EXTREMELY Itchy Skin!! Anyone else????

My skin, especially my calfs, and secondly my arms, are SO itchy that I can scratch and scratch and scratch until I bleed. It just itches so much and won't stop! I have a combination of 2 lotions, very bland (no harsh chemicals or irritating perfumes, safe for sensitive skin) - one petroleum based and one mineral oil based, and use on my legs everyday, 2x a day. I have switched to a very basic Dove bar soap (for sensitive skin, no harsh chemicals and irritating perfumes) for bathing/showering. I have even been trying a body wash by Eucerin, called Calming Body Wash, for itchy skin. To no avail! I try to wear long pants and long sleeves to keep myself from scratching so much.

Has anyone else experienced such intense itching??


  1. Yes, when I was full blow FM my skin itched so bad I scratched until I bled. However, since God healed me of FM I only have some dry skin. I think it relates to my Hypothyroidism. Which, with help from my endocrinologist, has been getting easier to manage also. Thank you for commenting on my blog. If you like you can email me at:
    kimberly.a.edwards AT gmail DOT com

  2. That is encouraging! I def need to make my appointment with an endocrinologist. Thank you for the feedback!