Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Supplements and Fibro - I'm Trying

So I invested in a pill box. Not just any pill box, but a 7 day with AM and PM. Its scary. But I manage to fill it quite well. Over the past 6 months I had read and read and researched and read and tested and tried many many vitamins and supplements. There are several drugs out on the market know to treat or help with fibromyalgia. I can address those later, when I have that energy. But I don't want to go the drugged up route if I can avoid it. So what I have found is my own personal "cocktail" listed below. And I have noticed that it does help, as one week I was too lazy to "organize" my pill box and thus skipped my supplements for 3 days, and boy did I feel the difference! I know that my body is healthier after being on these vitamins/supplements because I had a huge bruise that showed up 10 days ago, and already it is all gone! Usually a bruise like that would stick around so long that I'd have no choice but to be friends with it. And my hair and fingernails are super healthy too from all this, as they are growing at a phenomenal rate! And I have avoided recent rounds of the cold and some terrible flu that went around the office. Must be the Zinc! :)

*I am not a doctor nor am I claiming to be. Please check with your own doctor before taking any vitamin, supplement or prescription medicine to verify what is best for you. Many supplements, though they are natural products, can have harmful side effects when mixed, mixed with certain prescription drugs and/or your body's particular conditions. Please work with your doctor on what will work best for you.


Ginko Biloba -- to help with fatigue and memory

Ginseng -- for energy

Malic Acid -- for FM specifically it has been shown to help with improving overall muscle performance, reverse muscle fatigue following exercise, increase energy level and improve mental clarity; it also helps boosts immunity, maintain good oral health, boosts metabolism and promotes smoother and firmer skin

Rhodiola Root - is supposed to help with energy, but after taking for 1 month I have not noticed a difference, so I have stopped taking

Milk Thistle -- good for liver cleansing

CoQ10 -- I took 200mg/day for 3 months, and have recently stopped taking (is a bit pricey!) and have not noticed any difference. So unless I start feeling more crappy will probably stop the CoQ10

Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc -- Was taking this combo until I read a great article on calcium and magnesium on how they can work together AND against each other -- http://www.absolutelythepurest.com/other%20parts/mysteryandmagicmagnes.html

Magnesium -- So now I am taking 1600mg/day of magnesium (UltragMag from Vitacoast)

Vitamin D3 -- I had a deficiency, as do most FM sufferers apparently, after 2000IU for 3 moths I am back within good range and will start taking 1000IU to maintain.

Vitamin B-12 -- for energy, not sure I have noticed a difference though

Prilosec -- OTC -- helps with acid reflux

Limbrel - script -- started taking at the same time as Mobic, and within 48 hours my pain went from a 10 to a 3!! Was not sure which or if both were helping the pain. And since this Limbrel is $50/month and the Mobic is $4/month I have stopped taking this Limbrel, and still have little pain....

Mobic - script (and on the $4 prescription list at WalMart!) -- seems to work well for the pain control.


Magnesium -- 800 mg/nite

Fish Oil -- is just good for me all around

Flax Seed Oil -- is just good for me all around

Ginger -- I read somewhere this is good for joints, and I know it is good for nausea (sometimes the magnesium makes my stomach queasy)

Melatonin -- 5 or 10mg/nite to help me fall asleep (I tried Ambien, but while it did help me fall asleep, I just could NOT wake up the next morning when I took it! Kept oversleeping for work!!)

Nortriptyline - script -- for daily pain & migraine prevention, 25mg ($4 at WalMart!)

LoSeasonique - script -- birth control, continuous, so I only get 4 periods a year (helps tremendously with my migraine prevention)

Anyhoo, these above are what I've read about/researched and am trying, pinning down what does work and what does nto seem to for me. Again PLEASE consult YOUR DOCTOR before you try and of these. I am not a doctor, I am just writing about what I personally am trying an my results.

Please remember to consult your physician before trying anything new. I am not a doctor and no information should be considered medical advice. Any information provided should not be used to take the place of advice from your personal physician or other professional. Links to other sites are provided for ease of research. Information on those sites is the opinion of those who publish the sites and is NOT necessarily that of FibroChick. I offer what I can as help. I believe in educating myself on all my medical issues and being my own advocate, for no one else will do that on my behalf. I recommend we all do the same!

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