Thursday, April 15, 2010

Soooooooooo Tiiiiiiiiiired

I have been soooooooo tired this week. I have come home most evenings from work and just crawled in bed @ 7/8pm! Let's see Monday, early to bed, Tuesday I did have dinner with friends (it felt soooooo good to get out with friends -- but did the rest of my week really suffer because of?? Did this overexert me?) Wednesday early to bed, Thursday as soon as I got home I conked out on the couch, at least I did get 3 hours of sleep. My boss asked me to get to work earlier. Our company opens @ 8:30 am, I have been getting in @ 9am-ish. It is so hard on the mornings for me. Just waking up is so very difficult, I wake up sooooooo tired! Getting ready is a struggle too, I rush around, I kind of have a small routine down where I am able to sit a lot to put on my makeup and dry my hair (though often don't have the energy and/or time to fully dry!) And I have kind of a standard stock of basic comfy clothes I grab and throw on. They are not too corporate or professional, often jeans and tees, but for now it is what I am able to handle. Just getting up and getting to work is such a struggle, and then once there lasting thru the day. I have noticed that I haven't really had any energy to do errands at work or after work even lately. I ran out of my Mobic (for pain) and Prilosec (for heartburn) and was too tired to go pick up more, and paid the price! Anyhoo. Tired. So sick and tired of being so tired! I wish I had more energy to go out with friends. Sitting alone at my home struggling with all this is no fun.


  1. I have fibro too! I can totally relate! I just went to a fibro specialist @ Cleveland clinic. He was awesome! He explained why showers are so difficult for people with fibro. Since fibro makes ALL the nerves ramp up (central nervous system sensitization) the heat of shower affects the circulatory system - our blood rushes too much to the surface and stays that way too long causing fatigue and lightheadedness. Basically we get overstimulated with heat and then the bright lights of bathroom. I sit down to dry off and dry hair too. Recently I started dimming lights and that helps some too.
    The Cleveland clinic doc was so validating. Good luck!

  2. Interesting. Hot showers are actually one of the few things that make me feel better, how weird! I wish I had a hot tub in fact. I went to the Cleveland Clinic too, but the docs there said they did not treat FM! Hmpf! Maybe I will give it another try! Did they help you with any treatments/relief? *hugs*