Friday, April 23, 2010

Is it Fibro, really??

I still have a difficult time accepting my diagnosis of fibromylagia. I guess because by not accepting it I feel there is still hope, hope that I have something else, something fixable. But by accepting it, accepting that I have something so hard to understand, means a lifetime of going to doctors that will run a bunch of tests, and end up throwing out the FM diagnosis and shrugging their shoulders and kicking me out the door.

I do remember having a lot of pain that escalated to unbearable joint pain in Dec. 2009. But I don't remember (this fibro fog thing wiping out my memory SUCKS) anyhoo I don't remember very much MUSCLE pain, I mean here or there I have sensitivity to touch. I mean maybe my body ached and I don't remember that specifically? I def rememebr the joint pain, THAT was unbearable and still gets me some days. Pain in my knees, hands, feet, shoulders and elbows. But these don't seem to be part of the fibro pressure points. This I don't understand.

I def have the chronic fatigue though. UGH.

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