Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I’m so tired, wish I could stop breathing as that seems to take too much energy right now. I tried 900 mg of Valerian root last nite. Still took a while to fall asleep, and was SO hard to get up this a.m. Will not do that again. I don’t understand, they say that people with FM don’t get deep sleep, but then why is it so difficult for me to wake up? I am still waiting for my sleep study results. I know that I do not have sleep apnea or RLS, but I am wondering what they saw in relation to the deep/restorative sleep. I have read articles about a muscle relaxer, Zanaflex. I want to try taking that at night before bed, as I have read it is good for people with migraines and for people with FM!

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  1. Hi! Found your blog, reading through all your posts (because there's just way too much I should be doing, but don't have the energy for) and wanted to comment about the valerian. If I'm remembering correctly, valerian helps maintain sleep more than it puts you to sleep, and having too much will make you groggy in the morning. (I learned that lesson the hard way. Ugh.)

    I've found, for me, valerian works best in combination with lemon balm, skullcap and chamomile. The lavender in the tea (yep, it's a tasty bedtime tea!) might also help, but I'm not sure. I figure, since I seem to have all kinds of insomnia at random (sometimes I can get to sleep but can't stay asleep, sometimes I can't get to sleep, sometimes I wake up often, etc.) I'd attack it on all fronts with several different herbal sedatives. Most of the time, ater one, maybe two (but never any more than that) cups, I sleep straight through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. If you're still having trouble with sleeping, I'd recommend trying some Chamomile Lemon tea from The Republic of Tea. At the very least, it tastes wonderful!

  2. YUM! That sounds so tasty! I have been doing a lot better with my sleeping, Surprisingly I think keeping up with my yoga has really helped me. I love teas, always trying new flavors (have you ever tried roobios?). Reading through your post reminds me of one I have found one that is super tasty, and VERY calming and relaxing, I drink a cup of it when I do find I can;t sleep. Its called (ok feel free to laugh) "Crazy Bitch Tea" -- and it has skullcap, I think some camomile, and a whole bunch other herbs in it. Check out their website: :)

  3. Rooibos is delicious! I started drinking it because the internet told me it might help relieve asthma symptoms, and then I spotted it on the grocery store shelf. :D

    And that tea sounds tasty. I'll probably try it some day! Goodness knows I probably need it often enough. xD