Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Review of FibroWHYalgia

I read Sue Ingebrtson's new book FibroWHYalgia, and I looooove it, if you'd been following my blog you know I can't say enough good things about it and I highly recommend it. I wanted to share another's review of the book:


  1. Sue's book has taught me so much about this illness and what I can do to help myself.
    Even though I was diagnosed 10 years ago this month; I still have a quest for knowledge for how I can improve my health and your blog is one of the resources that I look to.


  2. Thanks Brenda! It is mostly on our shoulders to take charge of our own health, read, research, trial and error, work with doctors, until we find a balance we can live with. We have to be our own advocates, and I think Sue's book really takes charge of that and shows us how successful we can be with that mindset and positive outlook :)

    I am hoping that my blog pulls together research and info I have found, along with my own personal experiences, to provide a good resource. One of many on the net!