Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fibro like a Tuning Fork - Sue Ingebretson's Blog

LOVE this analogy Sue! Everyone, please read this, is a good one!

"I’ve often said that I’m thankful for fibromyalgia. Learning how to analyze and deal with chronic illness has taught me powerful lessons I wouldn’t have learned any other way. The Fibromyalgia Tuning Fork Analogy is one lesson I share at most speaking engagements...."

Read the rest of her story here on her blog!


  1. I like this analogy also; it’s good to know when we realize what foods, exercise or whatever it takes to make us more comfortable and to feel better. I have also learned that it is O.K. to limit my time with people who make me feel worse after visiting or phoning them.

  2. I agree, I have noticed some friends make me feel bad about myself and my fibro, and it is hard to be around them. Even upon trying to explain how they make me feel they sometimes don't understand :(