Saturday, August 7, 2010

Delayed Food Allergies and Food Sensitivities

I got this through a migraine blog I follow, and found it very interesting as it also relates to fibro and food sensitivities we may have. The third video on this link relates most to fibro, and I have found the follow up videos and provided the links below.

(Dr. Daniel C. Dantini is a fibromyalgia specialist in the United States)

I have found certain delayed food sensitivities to certain foods that bring about a migraine in me. It can be hours or a day later that the migraine shows up. For example,I am careful to avoid raw onions, lemons and oranges, soy sauce, peanut butter and hot dogs. As the years go by I do seem to develop new sensitivities to foods that once were ok for me. My Mom, who also suffers from migraines, has different sensitivities that have developed causing her migraines: blue cheese, vinegar, chocolate (especially dark) to name a few.

I have read about elimination diets and fibro, where you maintain a strict basic diet for 4-6 weeks, and then slowly introduce foods that may be causing your symptoms as a test. I have not had the patience to try this yet to see what foods may be causing my fibro symptoms :( So maybe this blood test that Sage Medical offers will help me? Dr. Dantini's research has led him to develop this blood test that tests the antibodies in your blood and see what you may be sensitive to. (see more below about Sage)

Direct link to the video:

Follow up videos:

Dr. Dantini works at the Sage Medical Laboratory in Ormond Beach, Florida. I checked out their website too, and it sounds interesting. I am thinking about ordering the blood testing kit, their website states most insurance covers the blood test. (Crossing my fingers on that one!!)

What I really like about all this is that it is tackling the CAUSES and not just treating the symptoms. I am so glad to see the mindset and the research heading in this direction, I feel its a very positive direction in helping with the future of treating fibromyalgia.


  1. It’s interesting that you posted about delayed food allergies and food sensitivities as my doctor sent me for a blood test last week to see what I am allergic to. I have had sinus/allergy problems for 5 weeks and am currently taking my 2nd antibiotic. I will let you know the results.

  2. Yes, please do, I am very curious. I have had skin allergy tests done, but never via blood. Very interesting.

  3. This is incredibly interesting. I do not have fibro...but I'm guessing that delayed food allergies can cause a whole host of things. I know recently I've learned to predict how my sinus pressure is going to watching approaching weather fronts. And I also know that certain wines trigger allergy type symptoms in me as well. Very interesting post.

  4. Yes! The weather! I can get migraines when there is a drop or rise in the barometric pressure! How crazy is that right? I found this gadet on a migraine blog, I wonder if it would help too with tracking weather for your sinuses?

    Its a marine device that is highly specialized in tracking the weather changes and barometric pressure.

    And red wine, forgettaboutit! I can't even smell it without a migraine threatening!

  5. I returned to my doctor this morning; the test results showed I am allergic to nothing. He was surprised; I was too. Doctor suggested the skin allergy test but, also mentioned how one can get a false negative. I told him I’m not ready to do that at this time.

    What did your skin allergy test show?

  6. Interesting Brenda. My skin allergy test only showed a severe allergy to dust and dust mites (grrrr!!) No food allergies.

    I just bought this book today, The Food Intolerance Bible. It seems to have a lot of useful info in it, I really want to get into it further as I feel that I may have sensitivities and intolerance to certain foods, and maybe they just don't show on an allergy test?

    Anyhoo, I did glance at the chapter where they list all the types of allergy tests doctors may perform, do you know which one you took? Here is their list:

    - Pulse Test
    - Exclusion/Challenge
    - Skin Prick
    - Vega Test
    - EAV
    - Kinesiology
    - RAST
    - ELISA IgG
    - Chemical Mediators from white blood cells (e.g FACTest)

  7. You have an interesting thought about being intolerant or sensitive to certain foods that don’t show up on test.

    I don’t know which of these tests on the list were done other than; they took 2 vials of blood from me.

  8. I want to add to my comment above. I believe I am intolerant to certain canned fruit; after eating some for supper I would get diarrhea within a few minutes. This happened time and time again. I stopped eating the fruit for a week or so and then reintroduced it and the same thing happened. So, I think it is possible to be intolerant to certain foods and not have it show up on an allergy test.

  9. Def sounds like an intolerance! Certain dairy products are like like with me, milk in particular. But not all dairy products. Weird, right?!