Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Don't Have to Like It To Accept It

This is a Good One from FibroHaven

How often have we struggled with our new reality?
How often have we grown weary and frustrated with trying to decide who we are and how we now matter?
How often have we wondered if it will ever get better?


SO TRUE - I started seeing the light when I let go of who I was and accepted and adjusted to who I am now and who I can be now. I was able to move forward and see the future much clearer once I accepted my chronic illness. I still don't like it, but I now accept it and choose to move forward.

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  1. I completely understand; because I too have been there, done that and have the tee shirt!

    When my body said, "that's enough" I was in bed for a month. My boss wouldn’t' hold my job and I had always worked and kept busy at home as well. So, I had to find a new identity;
    it took me a couple of years to accept my
    'new life'.

    As I slowly came around to see myself in a new way; I realized that I am much more serene; I enjoy taking time to relax and am more accepting of people. I now have a slower paced lifestyle and find it suits me just fine.