Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back Pain and FIbromyalgia?

Oh goodness. My lower back has been hurting now for 5 days. I am scared I am going to have to say hello to a new-to-me fibro symptom. Does anyone else have experience with this type fibro symptom/pain?

I found this article which doesn't make it sound very promising :( In fact when they talk about what causes it, sounds scary! I have tried massage and exercises. I will try heat therapy tonight too, see if that helps.



  1. I've had lower back pain for years but it got MUCH worse with the Fibro. I just can't figure out all of my symptoms and they vary. I'm going to read the article because the back pain is very very painful.

    Take care and feel better soon!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your back pain; I hope the heat therapy helps.

    I don't have back pain as part of my fibro symptoms. However, I occasionally, have back pain but then that’s just part of being over 50.

  3. Thanks :) The heat helps a bit. I think yoga might help too, strengthen the muscles? I've been a little tired lately and slacking a bit on the yoga :( I gotta get back into it!

  4. So a fellow fibromite and a massage therapist I know gave me some good advice for dealing with lower back pain. She said to lie flat on the floor, pull your knees up to your chest, and slowly rock side to side. It gently stretches and massages the muscles, which can help relieve the pain. I've found it helps me, which is wonderful since I suffer from lower back pain quite often.

  5. Thats awesome advice! We do that in yoga to massage out lower backs, I call it rock n Roll :) To me yes, it feels awesome :)