Friday, August 13, 2010

Diet and Genetics

VERY interesting blurb. Seems like something that would help us fibros A LOT once they get enough into the research and findings:

"Nutrigenomics – a relatively new science that examines how your genes interact with the food you eat – is finding that one size (so to speak) definitely doesn’t fit all....

Examining diet and genes is an active area of research. Some studies have shown that people with specific genes are especially susceptible to effects of fat in their diet, for instance. Other research has shown that people with a different gene can reduce their risk for colon cancer by adding more vitamin D to their diet, whereas others without the gene wouldn’t see the same benefit....

The holy grail is a personalized diet, says Michael Falk, PhD, executive director of the nonprofit Life Sciences Research Office in Bethesda, Md. Current dietary recommendations are geared toward the average person..."

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