Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have 2 general rules when I am looking into books on fibromyalgia. One, I like to make sure that at least one of the authors has experienced fibro. I feel that if you experience it, then you really get it. And two, I like to read and resource books that are fairly recent (2009, 2010, maybe 2008) as I feel that things are always advancing in science and I like to keep with the most current and relevant.

With that being said, below is a brief review of the latest fibro book I have read. Sharon is a fibro sufferer, and Martin has done extensive research and treatment in fibromyalgia. The book was just released, 2010.

by Sharon Ostalecki, PhD
Martin S. Tamler, MD, FAAPMR

Have you just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia? This is a good starter book. It really lays out all the common questions and concerns in a brief but thorough way. Easily referenceable.

Topics covered:
1. The Basics
2. Sleep
3. Associated Pain Conditions
4. Pharmacologic Management
5. Complementary Approach

The Sleep section is very thorough about explaining why good, deep sleep is so important and the science behind it. I think of all my reading, this seems to be one of the biggest keys to feeling better, conquer your sleep issues and you will feel a huge difference!

There are also a lot more associated conditions, but I think this is a good start at looking at some of the most common.

I like that the Complementary Approach section is larger that the Pharmacologic :) But I think they could have touched on more specifics on nutrition a bit more.

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