Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chronic Fatigue — I am So Sick and Tired of It!

I am so unbelievably tired. And it all started at 8am. Well it took me 45 minutes to get myself out of bed this morning, as goes every morning. I hate waking up so tired, I feel like a ton of bricks I am so tired, and my body feels like I've been beaten with a baseball bat all night. The hot shower feels good though. I have really minimized my getting ready for work routine, thank goodness for jeans :) Usually on my way to work I am so tired I wish I could just stop breathing, as breathing really seems to be quite the effort and take too much energy. This chronic fatigue, I am never free of it. Guess that is why it is called "chronic" :) Never, ever feel refreshed. I ALWAYS wake up feeling dead tired. 8, 9, 10, 14, 15 hours of sleep and STILL dead tired! Still running my my coffee to give my day its jumpstart! Its like I need jumper cables, everyday, to get going. Staying going takes all I can do. I wish we had nap times at work. Being single, living by myself and living with fibromyalgia, is very difficult, I am coming to find. I support myself, therefore I have to work for the paycheck and the health benefits. It takes all I have to get up and go to work every morning. It does give me some solace though, once I get there and get my coffee (my other best friend, next to jeans) sometimes work is a good distraction from everything I am dealing with. As long as I can sit at my computer and do my design work. Its when I get up and walk around that I am reminded. By the end of the day my knees are so sore and swollen. And my feet, forget it. So swollen and in pain. And I don't even have a job where I am on my feet much. I can't imagine how others must suffer, as standing for more than 3 or 5 minutes really triggers the pain in my feet. I have to stop the coffee at noon though, or it makes for an even more difficult night of trying to fall asleep. So that I can wake up and do it all over again. I am supposed to be packing for a trip, I leave tomorrow but just haven't found the energy yet. I need to muster it from somewhere. I'm thinking my suitcase will be full of jeans for this trip.

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