Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Neurology and Fibromyalgia?

On a good note I did have an appointment with my neurologist today, whom I just love, love. He is a truly EXCELLENT doctor. He has treated me for migraines for years, so I was eager to get his take on my fibromyalgia diagnosis, as the more I read about FM the more they are finding it is landing in the neurology field -- chemical imbalances in one's body in relation to serotonin, norepinephrine and such. Much like migraines! It was an enlightening visit. He said he was not surprised, as many, many people who suffer from migraines also suffer from fibromyalgia. And when I told him that my current biggest battle is with not getting enough sleep/deep sleep he suggested a sleep study. When I told him my Dad had recently done one and was diagnosed with sleep apnea and restless legs he just nodded - yes, those too, very very common with fibromyalgia sufferers. You can start to see too, how it can all be hereditary. Although I can tell you right now, if diagnosed with sleep apnea I am not gonna wear a CPAP machine. And I don't think I have restless legs, I mean I've never had any complaints from companions ;) I really feel its just the evil FM keeping me from getting my deep sleep. But I want to rule everything out. I do need to lose the 20-30 pounds of weight I have gained, will sign up for yoga again soon. Namaste.

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