Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Fibro Travels to the Midwest

So the shoes were the least of my problems on my trip. Thankfully they kept my feet comfy during my traveling to and from the midwest, where its a lot colder than Florida! If I thought I was tired and fatigued before, boy was I wrong! Try catching the terrible flu when you also suffer from fibromyalgia! You plan out every bit of moving around at all, from the bathroom and back, so you won't have to get up again and exert any more energy you don't have. The first 2 days of my trip were good, I thought I was survivng the cold weather despite my FM. Then somehow, who knows where & how, I caught the awful, awful flu bug that is going around. Let me tell you, if I am too sick and tired to 1) eat 2) watch tv AND 3) surf the web (if even on my phone, how hard is that?!) well THAT is sick and tired my friend! In addition to the flu tiredness (on top of the usual FM fatigue) I had the flu aches and pains, and really, really felt like the FM made it worse, as I still have aches like my body has been severely beaten with a baseball bat. I had to go to the ER, hoping for relief, but they gave me toradol for the pain (did nothing) phenergan and more phenergan for the nausea (also, did nothing) but they were able to hydrate me. It really leaves me wondering how much of the usual flu aches and pains and sickness that the FM might have amplified. I feel like I lost 3 days of my life, and my vacation with my new niece and nephew :( Still trying to get some energy back and get rid of the aches and pains. Somehow. Somewhere.

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