Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Doctors Say I Have Fibromyalgia

So, 10 doctors and $5,000 later, I have fibromyalgia. Its been tough to accept. I suppose I kept trying new doctors because I did not want to accept that I have to deal with something chronic, for the rest of my life. I was just hopeful that a doctor would tell me that 1. Oh, no, you actually have xxx, which is curable/treatable or 2. Take/do this and you will feel awesome and amazing relief from the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia. But in reality, most of what I have learned has been from research *I* have done on my own via the internet and books, and it is not an easy condition to manage. The doctors can diagnose you, when they have run through the gamut of tests and have nothing left but the un-definable un-testable fibromyalgia as the diagnosis. But when it comes to treating it they will basically shrug their shoulders, hand you a script for some drug, wish you well and send you on your way. They don't know much about fibromyalgia don't know what causes it, don't know what is even happening in the body to cause it, or how to treat it. Each fibromyalgia patient seems to have such distinct/unique symptoms that it makes for a very, very difficult blanket treatment. And every patient seems to have what they call "co-infections" that aren't always infections, but are definitely annoying other symptoms of this fibromyalgia. (For example, in addition to daily muscle and joint pain and fatigue I can have at any given time mouth sores, terrible gum pain, very very itchy skin, skin rashes, scalp rashes, swollen hands and feet, balance problems, and more. I can't remember. Oh, and that's another symptom too, memory fog.) I did not want to give in to this diagnosis, but, I guess I am coming around to the acceptance. I have the good days and the bad days, but either way the fibromyalgia is with me and I have to deal. Or learn to deal. I have a done a lot of learning over the past couple of months to even get to this point.

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