Friday, March 12, 2010

My Ruby Red Slippers?

Tired but can't fall asleep. All packed though. Unbelievable how much time u spend on your feet when packing, you never realize. My feet are killing me, and I still have travel tomorrow. That will be tough. I have found an AWESOME pair of shoes that are SUPER comfy and great for my feet, I mean just GREAT! I went from my feet feeling like I was walking on hot glass to feeling like walking on clouds with these shoes! I got them at FootSmart, a GREAT place to find some decently stylish AND comfy shoes! And even in heels! I bought the Paxton Slip-on in black suede. I am going to buy the brown, too. These are my "make it through the work day" shoes. And tomorrow, ok I guess its today already, I'll see how well they hold up in a day of traveling airports.The only thing that could make them better is if they were ruby red and I could just click my heels and be in Indy already :)

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