Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Adjustments, Big Effects

I have made many lifestyle changes and adjustments, some major some minor. Some may seem silly to others, but make a world of difference to me. Like buying a laundry bin on wheels with 4 detachable bags for automatic sorting. This makes such a difference for me when needing to do laundry, I can grab 1 bag - presorted - throw it in the wash and save myself so much time of having to sort and have clothes in piles on my floor for days while trying to find the energy to get all the loads done and folded and hung up again. And paper plates :) Sounds super silly I know! But not having to do dishes sounds even better to me! Of course I would not use for company, but hey when its just me, paper plates are a perfect time and energy saver :) And inexpensive, heck you can get them at the dollar store :) And heat, I learned in physical therapy that heat is a good, good thing for my muscles and aches and pains. Like they had in PT, I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and bought a small paraffin wax machine. When you use your 20% off coupon fairly inexpensive, $30 or so. And you can even get lavender scented wax! I have it sitting here plugged in, and when my hands and or feet have had a bad day I dip them in. The heat really, really makes a big difference in making me feel better. I also invested in a heating blanket/electric blanket. I know right, I live in Florida! But its more for the subtle heat I can blanket on my body/muscles that just makes me feel better. I have noticed even a small change in temperature, from the 70's to say 50s or 60s and I can get extra achy. So hellooooo heating blanket :) Again not super expensive, $30 and WalMart. You just have to be very careful to use it properly and not leave on for extended periods of time etc. Now if I could just figure out how to install a hot tub for about $30 THEN I'd be all set! :)

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