Sunday, June 6, 2010

10 Food Facts for Fibromylagia

I know I have posted healthy eating comments before, but I really can't say it enough, as I have noticed how MUCH it has helped me have more good days! (When I am able to stick to it!. I admit, I do falter, and that is really when I realize how good the good food is for me!) Plus, I am surprised with the weight I am able to lose when I eat better! Its win-win. Now just tell that to my willpower. Ha! has a good top 10 tips I'll list there, but to get the concise details about the why's & how's check out the link. Its good stuff!,,20309924_1,00.html

1. Eat more fresh foods
2. Don't OD on caffeine
3. Steer clear of some veggies (nightshade - tomatoes, eggplant, peppers...)
4. Get plenty of omega-3s
5. Easy on the yeast
6. Don't eat too much dairy
7. Cut back on carbs
8. Ease up on aspartame
9. Avoid additives
10. Say no to junk food


  1. I enjoy your blog and I like the list you have posted; very informative. Actually, I have learned a couple of items by trial and error. I know for certain what has helped me is to avoid aspartame and consume very little caffeine. One of the best ways to learn about this illness is from other Fibromyalgic’s, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you! Yes, aspartame is very mean to me too! And caffeine is one of my worst vices, but I am trying to cut back to 1 cup of coffee, and then green tea and water the rest of the day. (Wish me luck!)

  3. Whoa I had no idea about the tomatoes, I eat those by the bushel, I guess they are an acid? This is Sara from the Fibromyalgia Experiment by the way thanks for all of your comments

  4. I had no idea about the tomatoes either! I have not noticed tomatoes bothering me, but I have noticed tomato juice is not a friend of mine anymore :( I enjoy your blog, very interesting info! Thank you!

  5. Here is another link, similar info:

    I found it interesting that in this doctors comments he mentioned coconut and coconut water being beneficial for fibromites, and to stay away from water with flouride .... hmmmmm