Monday, June 14, 2010

Stay Positive!

Depression can make pain feel worse, so try to keep an upbeat attitude and make sure to find & do things that make you happy:

"Studies say that people who have friends live longer and have fewer illnesses, and that close circle of friends actually helps the immune system work. With this in mind, run, don't walk, to your nearest coffee house, church group, library or political club. You won't find that 'close circle of friends' by sitting at home reading National Enquirer and watching TV! You do want your immune system to work, don't you?"

-- Peggy Benson
from God Always Has a Plan B


  1. I agree that staying upbeat and having friends is valuable to Fibro as well as other illnesses. I remember attending my first Fibromyalgia Class at a nearby medical center;
    I was in a room filled with other women who suffer from this illness and I thought;
    I’m not the only one. That meant a lot to me.

  2. I agree Brenda, it does mean a lot to find others who can relate to what we go through. Just to know we are not the only one, and to talk to others who are able to get through it is very helpful. And just to be able to hang out with friends is helpful too. I think Sue said it well in her book, you can feel like crap sitting at your house all alone, or you can go out and feel like crap but be doing something fun with friends and family! I can sit at a coffeehouse or whatnot anytime with friends and have fun!