Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Quote from a Wiseman

A wiseman once said (well a psychologist and neurosurgeon, to be exact)

"Before ailments manifest in the physical body, they manifest in the mind
Before ailments manifest in the mind, they manifest in the soul."

So the psychologist/neurosurgeon  went back to teaching yoga and meditation, which he learned in his childhood!


  1. I love that saying... so true. You're putting up some good information for folks. The field of holistic medicine and alternative practices is wide open. I invite you to join me sometime to learn about and comment on Sacred Cellular Healing for Fibro & CFS. It works for me :-)) -or- join me on the blog- We have a good time and learn from each other!

  2. This is an excellent quote; the mind, body and soul are connected. When one is out of sync, then the rest of the body is too.

  3. Thanks Cinda, I like your blog, you have some really good information. I am going to include it in my favorite links.

    That was an interesting article on Lyme Disease. Funny enough I used to live in the Roanoke area. But I believe that my fibro was triggered by a tick bite/bought with Lyme disease from when I was on vacation in Indiana.