Saturday, June 12, 2010

Marylin Meberg - Good Quote

From a book that has been at my bedside and a great solace to me over the past couple months, "God Always Has a Plan B":

At times I feel as if the events of my life are riding on a pink golf ball that suddenly curves off in a direction Ii didn't plan, didn't want, and over which i have no control. In dismay, I watch as my life careens off the course I have carefully planned for. And in my rescue of my pink golf ball I have to wander off my chosen course to reinstitute my life. While this is an adventuresome experience, it is not a selected or always joyous one.

I've also experienced many unexpected curves that were delightful and enriching. I didn't see them coming, nor did i have time to prepare, they were just suddenly there.

but life is simply full of curves - sometimes gentle, pleasant, and surprisingly gratifying and sometimes threatening to overwhelm me in their sharpness. The seat belt insuring my survival in all this is that God is always there with me.  

- Marylin Meberg

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  1. I like this quote, very true when I look back over my life! It’s best we don’t always know what’s ahead on our life’s path; we might miss out on a great experience.