Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Best Supplements for Fibro

This is a really good post, as an intor to taking supplements for fibromyalgia. She lists the reasons why someone may consider trying supplements and herbs, and the best ones to start with and why:

- Magnesium (search my blog for magnesium, I have several other posts on this, I take it and has helped me lot with my sleep too)
- Malic Acid (I take this as well, and this is also found in green apples! Yay!)
- 5-HTP (I have not tried this but have read very good things about it. BE CAREFUL as this can sometimes interact with some prescriptions.)
- Vitamin D (I take this as well, for some reason fibromites have a deficiency in this vitamin)
- Sam-e (This has helped not just my mood but also my pain and joints, love it)
- Ginger (Yup, take this too, anti-inflammatory and good for energy so take in the morning)

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