Thursday, March 3, 2011

Eating Out Gluten-Free

I have been debating a gluten-free diet lately, as I have read a lot on gluten and fibromyalgia. I was tested and I do not have celiac disease (a severe reaction to gluten) however it seems a lot of people have some level of intolerance to gluten.

One of the biggest challenges to me is eating out gluten-free, so once I can conquer this I think I head full on into trying a gluten-free diet and see how it helps my fibro and cfs. I have found a lot of restaurants who do post their gluten free menu items info, and I've listed some links below.

I have found a lot of information on eating out gluten free and wanted to share it here. I think my delving into a gluten-free diet is mostly about educating myself a great deal and being aware when eating out:

This is great!

So is this, but don't be scared at first is based in the UK, but there is a search function and includes North America/United States, and has plenty of restaurant info!:








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