Thursday, March 10, 2011

Top 10 Things I've Done to Help My Fibro

Since my diagnosis 16 months ago I feel I have made HUGE strides in dealing with my fibromyalgia. I am not going to lie, it has taken a lot of strength and perseverance and dedication to get myself to this point. And, it is not something that happened overnight, it has been a winding, wandering, struggling yet rewarding process. I am content with where I am now and how I feel, and I am happy and enjoying life again. It is indeed, a different kind of life. And I am a different kind of me, but I am still me. And, as ironic as it may sound, I am actually in a lot of respects a healthier me, as I have made changes in my lifestyle which would improve anyone's health, and has indeed improved my fibro and my own overall health. I have been reflecting on the biggest factors in making me feel better and in getting myself to this point, so I wanted to list them here:

1. Yoga and Meditation: twice a week/3 hours weekly

2. Massage and Postural Alignment Therapy: 1-2 times a month

3. Supplements: I've done a LOT of research and discovered what works for me, my body (and my budget!)

4. Reduced Chemicals I am Exposed to in Health Products: More natural body soap, shampoos, toothpastes and body lotions

5. Eat Healthier/Reduced Chemicals Exposed to in Foods: More fresh foods, less preservatives and food additives and chemicals; familiarized myself with anti-fibro and anti-inflammatory foods

6. Drink Plenty of Water Each Day: I just plain feel better when I do!

7. Learned My Limitations and Relax as Needed: Don't over exert myself, pace myself, I am less of my old "type-A" self :) and I am ok with that, I like relaxing!

8. Surrounded Myself with Positive, Supportive Friends and Family: Shared what I am going though via my letter, and found great online forums like ChronicBabe!

9. Researched and Read and Informed Myself: My favs: FibroWHYalgia by Sue Ingebretson, and How To Be Sick, by Toni Bernhard

10. Made Getting Good Sleep a Main Priority: Worked with my doctor via a sleep clinic, meds and supplements and yoga

I hope this helps! Please share what changes you have made that help you feel better!


  1. Sounds like you have worked hard in finding a balance and plan that works for you. That's great! I've had fibro now for three years. For the first two I tried a variety of medications. For the last month I've been taking a few nutritional aids such as 5-htp, Omega-3, Melatonin, multi-vitamin, and L-Carnitine. This last month has been one of many changes and I feel both emotionaly better and have energy (most days). I honestly don't feel that much of a change in pain, but maybe that's because I'm doing more each day than I was befor.

  2. Tricia your progress sounds great, like you are headed in a good direction! The supplements do take longer to take full effect, a couple months, but I am glad you have found some that are helping you. I am always reading, researching and tweaking mine, and learning so much about my health. Is it the L-Carnitine giving you back your energy you think? At this point that is the one symptom I still really struggle with. I think I may look into L-Carnitine. How do you take it, pill, powder, ?